I cannot recommend her highly enough to authors and editors alike.

Natasha Fairweather, literary agent

Accomplished people with interesting lives are usually too busy to write a book. Or they may lack the skills, or the inclination.

I am a professional writer who can help – whether you are looking for a full ghostwriting service, some book doctoring, or just a little editorial assistance.

I can also guide you through the entire publishing process from idea to launch party.

With a previous career as a senior civil servant, I specialise in working with politicians and public servants, and communicating complex ideas. I have also worked with a vet, a film star, and a drug dealer turned pig farmer.

Whoever I am working for, the principles are the same. I am perceptive, efficient and discreet. I work hard to find my client’s voice, and tell their story in a clear and compelling way. I stay alive to how emotional the experience of writing one’s life story can be, but try to make it an enjoyable and fulfilling experience.

I grew up in Colchester, in Essex. I studied Politics, Philosophy and Economics at University College, Oxford, and international relations at Harvard. I have an MBA from London Business School.

Before I became a writer I was a senior civil servant: I have 17 years’ experience of providing policy advice to Ministers in the Cabinet Office, the Home Office and the Ministry of Justice.

My move into publishing was not deliberate, but when it happened, I found that I loved it. Authors and editors enjoy working with me, and my work has been commended for its lucidity, its humour, and the authenticity of its various voices.

I live in North London with my husband and three daughters.